Linen And Laundry Services And Small Business Ideas

Friday, August 20, 2010

Going into linen and laundry services is a great idea for a small business that can quickly begin to generate serious cash.
The service will help any company which uses linens and provides linen rentals, cleaning, replacement, pressing, etc.
The most common clients are hotels and motels, restaurants, and hospitals. You may also service residential communities for their laundry needs.
For restaurants, you will pick up their dirty table linens (napkins, towels and table cloths) while at the same time dropping off clean, freshly pressed table linens.
You can service hotels by collecting their dirty linens (towels, washcloths, sheets, bedding linens etc.) and dropping off the clean ones. Hospitals or clinics, especially those with cafeterias, assisted living centers, and other similar business will be your primary additional clientele.

Keys To Offering Successful Linen And Laundry Services

Quality is everything in a linen and laundry business. Providing careful and thorough services will guarantee repeat business. Since cleanliness is of utmost importance, be sure to adhere strictly to high standards of hygiene and handling when dealing with these linens: you may even want to wear sanitary gloves when handling napkins or sheets. Try wrapping them in plastic shrink wrap for delivery.
Along with quality, timeliness is critically important to your success. If a company contracts your services, they expect you to deliver when you say you will. A delayed bed linen for a high-paying hotel client is a sure way to lose business. To this end, make sure your equipment (your washers and dryers as well as your vehicle) are in tip-top shape. Keep an accurate and reliable scheduling system to avoid forgetting a client pick-up or drop off.

Expanding Your Business

The potential for expanding a linen and laundry business is incredible. When you first begin, you may want to specialize in an area such as wholesale linens, but may want to later move into broader areas such as dry-cleaning pick up and drop off as you expand.
You can regularly service personal residences on a weekly or bi-weekly laundry run. In addition to your regular linen and laundry services, you can also expand to do housecleaning, home-watching, in-home daycare, and even care for the elderly.
As you continue to grow and expand, consider the option of franchising the business to increase your total revenue stream. There are great opportunities in linen and laundry services, and they are constrained only by your creativity and drive.

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