How To Sell Cosmetics From Home

Friday, August 20, 2010

If you know how to sell cosmetics from home, you will be able to make a substantial income and make your clients feel more confident and more beautiful.
As your home business becomes successful, you can venture into other related areas as well – including beginning an international proprietary product franchise.
The best way to proceed with your beauty products business is buying 500 units as an initial supply, and then making sure that your supplier will be able to supply 5000 additional units at short notice.
Place inexpensive advertisements in your local newspaper, and wait for orders to begin pouring in. You can place a test ad in regional and national publications that are read by potential customers. You should go for small ads that offer free trials.
It is better to have the option of drop shipment from your supplier. With this, your supplier will be able to supply the products to your customers directly once you mail the mailing addresses of your customers to them. This will enable you to protect your investments by not investing in merchandise.
Next, think about marketing your own line of products. Since this is the continuation of your successful business, it should not take a million bucks. Since you have all the facilities and customers in place, you can simply add the new items to your flyers.

How To Sell Cosmetics From Home

You can now start your cosmetics store by opening a retail outlet. Here, you should have both high-end and discount cosmetics – including organic makeup for both men and women. Your staff should be educated about the products you keep in your boutique and the various treatments you offer. Your staff should also be able to help your customers to choose the right products for them.
Your budget should include enough money to give the right ambience and atmosphere to your retail outlet. More importantly, your outlet should have the trendy look, as this always attracts more customers. You could also stock high-end, well-known brands in your retail outlet and have an exclusive, luxury line of products and exclusive items such as top-quality makeup brushes to attract elite buyers.
You should invite celebrities to your boutique for guest appearances, and conduct open house events and makeup days where you offer makeup tips to visitors. This way you will be able to display new products to your customers as well as create a buzz. You should focus mainly on getting permanent customers so that you get orders regularly, as this will make your business thrive and prosper.
You can buy business liability insurance customized to your requirements in order to save yourself from liability claims. However, if you search the internet you will be able to find cheap insurance options like basic liability insurance for home-based cosmetic sellers.

Expansion Ideas

Once your cosmetics business is established and successful, you should think about opening a spa. You can offer waxing, body wraps, exfoliating scrubs and massages to your customers. You can do cross selling by selling your cosmetic products to your spa clients. In addition, you can develop your own cosmetic line of products.
You can then start selling your products throughout the world through the internet. Since you already know how to sell cosmetics from home, it would not be very difficult for you to run an international cosmetics business from the same place.

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