The most popular crochet patterns

Monday, August 23, 2010

The most popular crochet patterns are those which time has proven to be versatile, simple and occasionally traditional. In many areas of the world, the crochet patterns used in national costume are kept alive and popular, such as those in the Breton area of France, which combine crochet with lace-work for the production of the traditional hats and bonnets that the Bretons are proud of, and skills being practiced even today to keep the tradition alive.

Crochet patterns have been passed down through generations and some of the most influential and popular patterns used today are these:

Blanket squares
The idea of creating blanket squares has been developed and adapted to modern thread and wool to create blankets for newborn babies, right through the spectrum to old lady's knee warmers and shawls. What is so adaptable about the blanket squares is the number of colors that can be used, the different thicknesses of thread and the adaptation of individual patterns that people create making the squares the most popular form of crochet available both to the experienced and inexperienced craftswoman.
The square can be sewn together or indeed crocheted together to give a raised effect on the joins, which adds a professional finish, and if performed in cottons or wools can be adapted to make simple garments like scarves and waistcoats, adding extra squares to enhance the items with pockets.
The blanket squares can also be adapted to use for making a variety of other items, such as handbags, purses, evening bags, etc., and is certainly one of the most versatile patterns there is, since shapes can be created very easily. The blanket squares can also be formed into three dimensional items such as a dice for toys or for playthings for animals, and it isn't just the established craftswoman that can use them to create stunning results.
In education, the square is probably the most commonly used pattern for teaching children, since it takes little skill to produce a worthwhile end product. Blankets are made as projects in schools and in Girl Guide associations worldwide, to send to those countries in need of blankets, and each contribution of one square means that the exercise of crocheting takes on purpose and meaning as well as using scraps left over from knitted items.
Uses for squares:
*Bab y blankets
*Table cloths
*Book covers
The second most popular pattern for crochet is the doily. Here, very little skill is required to produce a flat doily and this
is an area where children are taught to create rounds that can be used for many purposes, including these:
*Decorative doilies for underneath plant pots.
*Sugar-work where doilies are stiffened to form molded shapes.
*Rounds to be joined together to make cushions.
*Small doilies to put on greetings cards.
*Nightdress holders.
There are indeed many variations of the traditional doily pattern, and many uses for these that can be used to develop the learning skills of children.
In adults, the doily is the traditional lace-making style that is a development of different techniques and intricate stitches and is used to great effect in the making of Christening items or delicate work for newborns. There are so many varieties of stitches available that a craftswoman can use the basics of doily work and produce their own individual style.

Treble work.
Treble work is flat work used to create sweaters or tunics. This is an easy style and helps the young to become accustomed to the stitch known as the treble. What is great about this pattern is the speed at which a garment can be made, and the ease with which decreasing and increasing can be performed, tailoring crocheted work to individual need. Here, children learn to make dolls clothing, and can also be taught to use the different sizes of crochet hooks and thicknesses of thread that lead to development of the art of crochet.

Shellwork patterns are very simple to perform. What they produce is stunning, and these can be used in the initial teaching of crochet because of their simplicity. Groups of trebles worked into the same hole create a shell like scallop that makes a super finish to knitted garments, blankets, but that also is easily adopted to fine thread to produce edgings to handkerchiefs and gifts, making them that little more personalized.
There are many patterns available to a worker in crochet, though those outlined above are the most popular forms of crochet, used worldwide to create wonderful and original gifts, helpful items, and to develop skills that will encourage children to keep the craft of crochet alive.

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