How To Make Money With Facebook

Sunday, August 22, 2010

If you haven’t heard of Facebook by now, you must be one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t. It’s one of the biggest social networking sites on the internet, and as such it offers a great way to get in touch with like minded people who have similar interests to you.
But while many social networking sites don’t particularly like blatant advertising on their pages, Facebook doesn’t fall into that group. There are ways and means to do most things online, and with Facebook the answer is in attracting the right kind of people to your profile page.
There is one other main feature that makes Facebook well worth looking at for making money though, and that will be revealed if you read the rest of this entry.
Once you have signed up to Facebook your first step should be to think about how you want to present yourself. I say that because you don’t have to be yourself in order to make money from Facebook. Don’t forget that you want to attract the attention of a specific group of people here, so that you become known as someone who is something of an expert on one particular subject. So choose wisely!
Go for a popular niche that you have an interest in yourself, and develop your persona in that area. If you already have something of a web presence in this area then you’ll find it will help you as more and more people become aware of who you are and what you know about.
Your first port of call, if you have anything second hand to sell which is related to your niche, is the Marketplace. It’s free to place ads in the Marketplace and there is no limit on how many you can place, so if for example you come across a bargain lot of books on your subject on eBay or at a yard sale you can list them all individually on Facebook and sell them on for a profit.
If you have a budget to spend on advertising and you have some external websites you want to promote, you can try out the Social Ads to see what benefits you get from them. It is well worth reading through the relevant help section to see what is involved though, as it is quite in depth.
The main benefit to being a member of Facebook is that you can build and use any number of applications to perform certain tasks on your profile page. Facebook doesn’t frown at users making money from their Facebook page, and indeed many people link in to other websites outside of Facebook itself. People are constantly building new applications and many of them are used by many different users to create pages that appeal to their own particular needs.
This is partly why you will succeed in making more money from Facebook if you brand yourself carefully before you get started on the site. Figure out what it is you want to do and what you want to achieve. If you already have a website up and running then you will be able to link into that, so keep the look and feel of your Facebook page in the same vein as your site.
But while you can link to other sites outside of Facebook, some people also sprinkle some affiliate links on their actual Facebook page itself. For example, some quick research revealed one person who links into a range of ClickBank products on their page and does well from doing so.
So long as you start from a strong position with a particular focus and brand in mind, you can do well by experimenting with all the benefits that Facebook offers. Take time to build up a network of friends and make sure you become known for being an expert in your particular sphere of interest.

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